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Request for Quotation submission form

Request for Quotation

Dear M&W Prospect Customer

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County/City Requirement
Do you need a building permit, for your future Pole Building?
Do you need a building permit?
Building Information
Your detail building information data
The most known generic styles; Gable, Gambrel, Mansford, Shed Open, shed Close or Other Style
If you choose "OTHER Style" please describe in detail.
You need to fill detail description of your choice "OTHER Style"
2. Building Size (in Feet)
This field needs to be filled out. It is basic information for us to be able to estimate price and design of structure.
3. Additional Shed(s)
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Do you need additional Shed?
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4. Roofing
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5. Siding
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6. Flooring
Do you need a concrete floor?
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7. Entry Door(s)
Our standard Entry Door size: Width x Height (3'x6'-8" or 4'x6'-8").
We recommend at least 1 Entry Door.
8. Overhead Door (s)
Would you like Overhead Door(s)?
9. Sliding Door (s)
Would you like Sliding Door(s)?
10. Window (s)
Would you like Window(s)?
Window Size
11. Overhang
Standard Overhangs are 18"
Would you like Overhang?
Standard Overhangs M&W are 18"
12. Other Optional Features Available
Other optional features available suc as: Eave Lights, Stalls, Loft etc.
M&W Standard Stalls SIZE (12'X12'X8')
Would you like M&W Labor Quote?
Would you like M&W Labor Quote?
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Additional Information
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