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Plan your new pole building!  From arenas, garages, steel buildings, sheds, equipment storage to equestrian facilities we can build a pole barn to fulfill your needs!
  pole building

From pole building plans to a finish product can take a bit of time and planning, but with a little help and some careful thought you can have the pole building that will work for you.

Since buying a pole building is not something people do everyday, understanding and the process of designing and building a pole building can help you make the best choice in a building designed specifically for your needs.

While the process can seem simple to us, it can be more time consuming for a person who is just starting out.  A little thought on your part about YOUR new pole building with some helpful suggestions from our expert building designers, you can have the building that you have been dreaming of that will take care of your needs for a lifetime.

Pole buildings are generally simple by design.  From a basic two car garage or equipment shed to an elaborate horse stable the basic principles are the same.  The things to keep in mind is the finished look.  Do you like straight gable style?  Monitor?  Gambrel?  Shed style?  How about one building with multiple sheds? Check out pictures of our pole buildings to see what look you like.  Then there is siding, roof line, windows, style of doors to name a few more options.

We have tried to lay out a few basic questions that you should keep in mind to help you decide on the variety of options that are available in pole buildings through M & W Building Supply.  

  • What do you want to do in the building?  Will it be a garage?  Shop? Or both?  Office and breeding facility for horses or llamas? How about an arena?  Or a covered play structure for a school yard?  Three sided loafing shed? What does this pole building need to do for you?
  • How much room on your property do you have for a building?
  • What type of access to the building do you need?  Is it in the middle of a field for animals? Or need a paved driveway for heavy vehicles?
  • Does your area have special building covenants that you need to follow?
  • Have you talked to your county about any requirements they have?
  • Will you need a permit?  What type of permit?  Agricultural use?  Residential use? Or commercial complete with Fire, Life and Safety requirements?
  • What size do you have in mind?
  • Would you like any open bays?
  • What kind of siding and roofing would you like?
  • Overhangs on all four sides?
  • What roof pitch would you like?  3/12 if the standard for most areas, but depending on width and snow load it could increase.
  • Do you have other pole barns on your property that we should match to? 
  • Would you like it to match your house?
  • How closed to your house or property lines are you wanting to build?
  • Do you have a level site already or does there need to be fill or a retaining wall built first?
  • How much clearance do you need? (Example. You drive a large truck or RV and want to park in inside the building)
  • What kind of doors do you like?  Keep in mind that the building needs to be one foot taller than the size of slider door and two feet taller than your tallest overhead door (when you don’t have overhangs!).
  • Do your overhead doors need to be insulated?
  • Do overhead doors need windows?
  • Where would you like your doors placed?
  • Would you like windows?
  • How about a second story?
  • How many entry doors?
  • Are you planning on having plumbing and electricity?
  • Are you planning on insulating the building?
  • Sheet rocking the walls? And/or finishing the ceiling?
  • Do you need separate enclosed rooms for offices or storage rooms inside?
  • If the building is for animals, do you need stalls or other types of dividers?
  • Will you be putting in a floor?
  • Do you plan to erect the building yourself?
  • What colors of steel siding do you like?
  • Have you considered using wood siding like Board and Batt?
  • Would you like gutters and downspouts on your building?
  • When do you need to have the building done?

There can be more questions if you have a very specific use for instance a retail store, commercial mechanics shop, office space, horse arena, breeding facility or equipment storage can all be pole buildings but the engineering and design can be quite different.  For instance if you are building an airplane hanger we would need to know what style of door you would like and the exact clearance needed for the plane. 

Fill out the online quote form once you have considered some the possibilities or just give us a call we are always happy to answer any question for you. 

Rough Sawn 6x6 Minimum Treated Posts; .60 Retention, CCA, LP 22
Support Columns 42" Deep Minimum
2x10 Pressure Treated Skirt Boards ; .40 Retention, ACQ
2x6 Machine Stress Rated Kiln Dried Framing Lumber
Factory Assembled, Engineered Trusses
"T" Braced Truss Bottom Chords (for superior strength)
Double Truss System
Painted Steel Sides & Trim Standard
3' Wide Steel with Siphon Groove
Polyester Paint System on Steel
Jamb Latches on Sliding Doors
White Steel Vertical Door Rails
Galvanized Framing Nails
Insulated Steel Entry Doors
Screw Fasteners
Rufco Vapor Barrier Standard / Condensation Blanket Available
Complete Trim Package
Foam Ridge Closures
Computerized-Assisted Building Design

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