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  • Airplane hanger 40x36x12 (Com-1)
  • Airplane hanger 60x72x16 (Com-2)
  • Airplane hanger 60x72x16 w bifold door (Com-3)
  • Airplane hanger with outriggers 50x72x14 (Com-4)
  • ALL airplane hangers 60X72X16 (Com-5)
  • Announcers Booth 18x10x18 (Com-6)
  • Batting Cage 40X120X14 (Com-7)
  • Car Wash 2 20x96x16 w1-10x68x14-10 (Com-8)
  • Car Wash 20x108x16 w1-10x108x14-10 (Com-9)
  • Christmas Tree Farm 60x72x20 (Com-10)
  • Commercial business 60x96x16 with 1-shed (Com-11)
  • Commercial horse stalls 60x120x20 with 2-24x120x20-14 sheds (Com-12)
  • Commercial office space 36X72X20 WITH 2 18X72X16 (Com-13)
  • Commercial rental units 30x192x16 (Com-14)
  • Concession Stand 40x72x10 (Com-15)
  • Contractors Storage 24x48x12 (Com-16))
  • Covered play structure on school grounds 40X96X16 (Com-17)
  • Dug Out Cover for Baseball field 10x30x10 (Com-18)
  • Equipment garage for a commercial farm 36X120X12 (Com-19)
  • Equipment Shop 40 x108x14 (Com-20)
  • Equipment storage 52x154x14 (Com-21)
  • Equipment storage 60X132X16 TO 14 TO 10 (Com-22)
  • Equipment storage for Freight Company 40x84x18 (Com-23)
  • Equipment storage for school district 24X36X10 (Com-24)
  • Fruit storage Two 40x96x16 (Com25)
  • Golf Cart storage 60x96x10 (Com26)
  • Home Office and Garage for Nursery Business 40x60x16 w-1-14x60x14 (Com-27)
  • Hydraulic shop 36x36x16 (Com-28)
  • Loading dock and office (Com-29)
  • Machine Shop 70x110x16 (Com-30)
  • Maintenance shed for school 30x36x10 (Com-31)
  • Maintence shed 26x41x12 (Com-32)
  • Manufacturing facility 42x132x17 (Com-33)
  • Mechanics shop 40X96X16 (Com34)
  • Mechanics shop 40x156x16 (Com35)
  • Meeting Hall 30x88x10 (Com-36)
  • Nursery Building 60x120x16 (Com-37)
  • Office for Equipment Business 48x96x20 w 1-8x48x11'8 (Com-38)
  • Office Park various sizes (Com-39)
  • Open Batting Cage & Storage 40x96x14 (Com-40)
  • Patio cover 45x26x17 (Com-41)
  • Picnic Cover 20x20x12 (Com-42)
  • Playground cover 24x40x14 (Com-43)
  • Production facilities 48x72x14 (Com44)
  • Production Facility 60x84x12 w.1-8x43x10 (Com-45)
  • Roof only 20x55x10 (Com-46)
  • Row of airplane hangers 60X72X16 WITH SLIDNG DOORS (Com-47)
  • Self Storage 66x112x16 (Com-48)
  • Shop for Windmill Farm 40x50x16 (Com-49)
  • Storage 50x264x20 (Com-50)
  • Storage for a plant nursery 40 x 96 x 16 (Com-51)
  • Storage for Batting Cage 40x96x14 (Com-52)
  • The Flower Farmer 40x96x14 (Com-53)
  • Training Faciltiy 60x124x16 (Com-54)
  • Volunteer fire deptartment 24X48X12 AND 24X48X14 (Com-55)
  • Warehouse 60x120x18 w 2 sheds (Com-56)
  • Winery Storage 60x100x20 (Com-58)
  • Winery warehouse 6x56x16 with 2-12x56x12 sheds (Com-59)


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